VMware Horizon View

VMware® Horizon View™ (formerly VMware View) is a virtual desktop infrastructure solution that simplifies desktop management and provides users with what they need, when they need it.

Virtual Desktop Management
Increase desktop, application and data control by managing them as centralized services. Apply policies and quickly enable and disable users from a centralized console.

  Automated Desktop Provisioning
VMware® Horizon View™ Manager provides a single management tool for greater IT efficiency when provisioning new desktops or groups of desktops, as well as an easy interface for setting desktop policies. Using a template, you can customize virtual pools of desktops and set policies, such as how many virtual machines can be in a pool or logoff parameters.

  Streamlined Application Management
VMware® ThinApp® application virtualization separates applications from underlying operating systems and reduces conflict between the OS and other applications for increased compatibility and streamlined management. Applications packaged with ThinApp can be run centrally from the data center, deployed locally to physical or virtual desktops or on USB drives for deployment flexibility.

  Advanced Virtual Desktop Image Management
Horizon View Composer creates desktop images from a golden image. Updates are instant and guaranteed across any number of virtual desktops. When combined with ThinApp, IT administrators can reduce the number of total images, storage requirements and operational costs.

  Automate Desktop Operations Management
VMware® vCenter™ Operations Manager for Horizon View™ gives administrators insight into desktop and infrastructure performance, letting them quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot issues. Administrators can optimize resource utilization and manage the desktop environment through the dashboard. vCenter Operations Manager for View is an optional add-on for Horizon View customers. You can also leverage PCoIP Extension Services to collect Horizon View statistics into your existing WMI tool.

  Efficient Resource Utilization
Horizon View Storage Accelerator optimizes storage load by caching common image blocks when reading virtual desktop images. Space-efficient disks continuously reduce the storage needed per desktop. Both these technologies improve storage capacity and utilization, thereby reducing costs of additional hardware.

  Built-In Security
Maintain control over data and intellectual property by keeping it secure in the data center. Encrypted protocol traffic provides secure end users access to virtual desktops inside or outside of the corporate network. Integration with vShield Endpoint enables offloaded and centralized anti-virus and anti-malware solutions. Horizon View also supports integration with Radius 2-factor authentication requirements.

  Highly Resilient Architecture
Horizon View centralizes support for distributed workers in the data center while ensuring workers have local access to desktop VMs within the branch office. With View Agent Direct Connection, end users no longer need to authenticate into their sessions through the connection server in the data center and can access their session even in the event of a WAN outage. This provides maximum uptime and a consistently high-quality desktop experience for end users.

  Platform Flexibility and Choice
Horizon View virtual desktops supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2 as a guest OS for a single virtual desktop. The latter option allows the server OS to operate like a standard Windows 7 desktop, and provides organizations with a more amenable Microsoft licensing alternative when it comes to remote users and non-Windows based devices.

Flexible Access
Use existing Windows-, Mac- or Linux-based laptops or desktops, thin clients, zero clients or mobile devices to access your virtual desktop from the home or office.

  Choose Your Client
VMware® Horizon View™ Client allows you to use existing Windows-, Mac- or Linux-based laptops or desktops, thin clients, zero clients or mobile devices to access your virtual desktop from the home or office. VMware supports a variety of third-party thin client and zero client devices.

  Secure, Mobile Desktop
Take your desktop on the go with the Horizon View Client for iOS or Android devices and leverage the Horizon View with PCoIP display protocol on your tablet across the LAN, WAN or 3G. Integration with the Horizon View Security Server ensures secure access for end users. End users can also access their Horizon View desktop through a simplified HTML5 browser connection.

End-User Experience
Deliver the most flexible and adaptive experience for end users by giving them access to their data and applications from any location.

Cloud Computing
Transform desktops into agile services that can be delivered from your cloud.

  Availability and Scalability
Built on VMware vSphere®, VMware® Horizon View™ transforms desktops into highly available, agile services delivered from your cloud. Optimized for desktop delivery, vSphere scales to support thousands of virtual desktops. Ensure the availability of desktop services with automatic failover and protect against unplanned downtime to meet service level agreements.

  Dynamic Resource Allocation
Horizon View lets you dynamically allocate computing resources to virtual desktops based on business priorities, reducing management complexity and ensuring high performance. Eliminate planned downtime for maintenance with live migration capabilities for virtual desktops and disks.

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